Nutrition Services

Initial Nutrition Consultation
90 mins: $150

Initial nutrition assessments last around 90 minutes and include a comprehensive look at your health. We will not only look at your eating habits, but also at other important factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and self-care. Specific goal setting, a personalized meal plan, and tactics to keep you on track are included in this first visit. 

Follow-Up Session
30 mins: $75

A follow up visit is an important part of the journey. In this visit, we will talk about your progress, and change your personalized program as needed. Bored of the same meals everyday? Let’s talk recipes! Having a hard time getting that stress under control? We can brainstorm a proper self-care option for you. 

Pantry Purge + Personalized Shopping Trip

Want a complete overhaul of your pantry? Ready to start your new meal plan but overwhelmed with how to go about shopping every week? Let’s have an outing together! I will first meet you at your house and we’ll go through your pantry and fridge - then we’ll head out to your local grocery store and I’ll show you my shopping secrets for how to eat well on a budget! 

Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage*
60 mins: $70 | 90 mins: $85 | 120 mins: $100

This type of bodywork aims to achieve specific goals while also providing stress-reducing results such as relief of general muscle tension, decreased levels of stress, improved circulation, and an increased overall sense of wellbeing.

Sports Performance Massage*
 60 mins: $80 | 90 mins: $100

A deep tissue massage session tailored to your specific needs, whether it be injury rehabilitation, prevention, or performance enhancement. Treatment may include: athletic taping, cupping, myofascial release, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), assisted stretching, and/or hydrotherapy. May include use of shared rehab room for exercises. 


Performance Bodywork + Movement Therapy Package*
90 mins: $120

An hour long sports performance massage (as described above) paired with a 30 minute training session where you'll learn how to implement exercises and stretches into your daily routine to help you recover from injury faster, prevent injury from occurring in the first place, and to take your stability and mobility to the next level. 


Quick Tune-Up*
10 - 30 mins: $1/min

Do you have something specific you need worked on in a hurry? Have an event coming up and want to be taped by a certified Rock Tape FMT professional? Kinesiology taping can decrease swelling, provide proprioception to weak or tired muscles, speed up recovery after an injury, and relieve soreness after a grueling workout.

Movement Therapy Session
Therapeutic Massage (Extra Time)

30 mins: $30

Add on a Movement Therapy session or an extra 30 minutes to your insurance-paid 60 minute session for only $1/min.
Learn to move your body properly or turn that 60 minute massage into a luxurious 90 minutes!
Choose these options when booking, and make sure they are scheduled adjacent to your original appointment.


* Advertised self-pay rates listed above and in the online scheduler are for non-medical massage sessions.
"Time of Service" discounted rates are provided to clients who do not have insurance coverage
in exchange for us not performing billing services.

Regular billed rates are as follows:
Therapeutic Massage (97124) - $40/unit
Manual Therapy (97140) - $40/unit